Selected Projects

We have completed a wide range of projects in areas such as GIS, remote sensing, science advising and emergency preparedness. This page presents a selection of these projects.

BC Hydro Life Safety Model Development, British Columbia Hydro (2012-2014)

Provide business leadership, system architecture design, project management, and technical advice to develop of a Life Safety Model (LSM) system which incorporates two-dimensional hydraulic modeling with object-oriented human behaviour models to estimate the population at risk and potential loss of life due to a hypothetical dam breach. Model integrates with Ensim-Telemac modeling tool from Electricite de France (EDF).

Business Case for Landbase and Facilities Update for Public Safety, Terasen Gas (2009)

Develop a business case for a project that will enhance Terasen's landbase and distribution facilities GIS datasets to support the BC One-Call ("call before you dig") system.

GIS Architecture Review, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (2009)

Review the proposed architecture for a next generation GIS, developed by DFO's PacFish project, to support operations, habitat enhancement, fisheries management, aquaculture management, and property management for the Pacific Region.

GIS Opportunity Assessment and Strategic Plan - Columbia Power Corporation (2009)

Explored opportunities to use GIS to meet business and regulatory requirements (power generation, operations, environmental compliance, dam safety). Developed a GIS business case and implementation plan. Developed GIS data delivery standards for use by contractors and consultants.

User Needs for Critical Infrastructure Data, Emergency Management British Columbia (2008-2009)

Document stakeholder requirements for Critical Infrastructure (CI) data to support the development of a Provincial Emergency Management Information System (EMIS) that will facilitate information sharing during disaster mitigation/prevention, preparation, response, and recovery. CI sectors addressed: energy and utilities, communications and information technology, manufacturing, finance, health care, food, water and waste, transportation, safety and public protection, and government.

Provincial Tsunami Preparedness - BC Provincial Emergency Program (2008-2009)

Developed a tsunami emergency preparedness plan for Ucluelet and Tofino, BC. Scope: numerical modelling of wave propagation, onshore wave run-up analysis, loss estimation, loss reduction, and public communication.

Transmission Pipeline GIS, Terasen Gas (2003 to 2008)

Manage the Transmission AM/FM project to develop a GIS for all interior and coastal gas pipeline infrastructure (2,500km of pipeline). Scope of work includes all transmission pressure pipelines, stations, right-of-way management, corrosion and pipeline integrity, public safety and orthoimagery data.

Social-Sector GIS - BC Integrated Land Management Bureau (2007)

Developed a Provincial GIS Strategy and Business Case to expand the use of GIS and ILMB's services into the social sectors of the Provincial Government, including the Ministries of Health; Education; Children & Family Development; Public Safety and Solicitor General; Tourism, Sports and the Arts. Identified applications for strategic planning, operational support, decision support, and public information services.

Integration of GIS and Asset Reporting, ESRI Canada (2007)

Facilitate a municipal government workshop to develop requirements and integration touch points for interfacing of JD Edwards, Azteca Cityworks and ESRI software systems. The work is in response to Canadian PSAB reporting requirements on the status of municipal government fixed assets.

Develop Expansion Plan for SFU's SIS Undergraduate Laboratory, Simon Fraser University (2005)

Assess the need to expand the capacity of SFU's Spatial Information Systems (SIS) laboratory. Develop a budget and detailed action plan for the expansion. Subcontractor to Swiftsure Spatial Systems.

Response to Avian Flu Outbreak, BC Provincial Emergency Program (2004)

Provide short-term GIS management and implementation consultation to the BC PREOC (Provincial Emergency Operations Centre) in Abbotsford, BC after declaration of the provincial emergency.

Fraser River Port Authority (FRPA) (2004)

Develop multi-department GIS requirements and implementation strategy. Gather requirements and assess in-house parcel-based information system. Develop implementation plan. Present to Senior Management for project approval.

Regional Government GIS Requirements Analysis and Implementation Planning, Cowichan Valley Regional District (2002)

Develop a multi-department GIS requirements report. Data gathering, assessment and shortlisting of parcel-based information system product vendors. Develop an implementation plan, and present to Senior Management.

GIS Situation Assessment, Business Case & Development of Enterprise GIS Strategy, City of Moose Jaw (2001)

Situation Assessment of the City's existing CAD/GIS systems. Documentation of municipal business requirements and development of a business case justification. Assessment of the feasibility of an Enterprise GIS versus Departmental approach to GIS. Development of a migration strategy and project plan.

Inundation Consequences Assessment Project - Methodology Development, British Columbia Hydro (2001)

Provide business and technical leadership and facilitation for the development of a Flood Consequence Assessment methodology that incorporates two-dimensional hydraulic modeling with socio-economic, life safety and environmental models to risk and potential losses due to a hypothetical dam breach.

Yukon Watershed Atlas, Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Pacific Region), Yukon Department of Renewable Resources (2000)

Assessment of high-level system architectures for implementing a watershed atlas for the Yukon Territory.

GIS Migration Project, Vancouver Port Authority (2000-2001)

Planning and project management of the migration of the VPA CAD datasets from AutoCAD into ESRI GIS. Modification of existing data creation workflows. Development of corporate spatial data dictionary.

Operational Geocoding of Vehicle Accidents & Crimes, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (1998-2000)

Provide senior GIS architect advice to the ICBC Crash, Crime and Contravention project. Develop data models for road accident and crime analysis. Assess sources of provincial roads database. Coordinate with Provincial Ministry of Transportation and Highways, RCMP and municipal transportation engineers. Architect approach to near real-time geocoding of accident reporting in support of 7 x 24 telephone claims.

Municipal GIS Situation Assessment & Development of Migration Strategy, The Corporation of Delta (1999)

Situation Assessment of the Corporation's existing CAD/GIS systems. Documentation of municipal business requirements. Development of migration strategy to a new product environment, vendor RFP, and management of the bid process.

Enterprise GIS Architecture Development, BC Gas (1997-98)

Led the AM/FM Architecture Design project to develop Application, Data, Information Technology and Organizational Architectures for Distribution Services for both the interior and coastal operations.

Enterprise GIS Vendor Assessment, BC Gas (1997)

Provided technical, management and methodology leadership in the vendor evaluation project. Defined and managed a four-month assessment process that involved a team of twelve evaluators.

GIS System Architecture Review, Greater Vancouver Regional District - Sewerage and Drainage District (1996)

Provided an independent assessment of a spatial system design for representing sanitary sewerage and drainage infrastructure using GIS.

Geotechnical & Hydrotechnical GIS Applications Specification, British Columbia Hydro (1996)

Developed operational scenarios for geotechnical, hydrotechnical and operational watershed applications of GIS for Power Supply Division.

Municipal GIS Opportunity Assessment and Strategy Development, Cariboo Regional District (1996)

Provided education to users and management on the basic principles of GIS. Performed an Opportunity Assessment. Developed a corporate strategy, budget and timeline.

GIS Requirements for Transit Scheduling & Customer Information, BC Transit (1995)

Analyzed spatial data and application needs for Transit Scheduling & Customer Information. Developed data models.

Market Study of Demand for Bachelor of Technology Degree in GIS, British Columbia Institute of Technology (1995)

Provincial assessment of student supply and market demand for a Bachelor of Technology degree in GIS. The decision was made to approve the degree based in part on the results of this study. The first student from the new program graduated in 2002.

Power Utility Enterprise GIS Strategy, British Columbia Hydro (1993-95)

Participated in the development of an Enterprise-wide GIS strategy and plan. Scope covered all aspects of Hydro's planning, generation, transmission, distribution, operations, environmental, properties and rights-of-way activities.

Public Transit GIS Opportunity Assessment, BC Transit (1994)

Corporate-wide requirements gathering and assessment of GIS opportunities. Departments in scope included: Long-Range Planning, Short-Range Planning, Customer Services, Engineering, Maintenance, Marketing and Public Affairs.